How To Eliminate and Prevent Green

How To Eliminate and Prevent Green Algae

Eliminate and Prevent Green Algae

Swimming pool problems in Florida are never fun to deal with, especially Green Algae blooms. Green algae often appears as a greenish color on the walls and/or bottom of the pool or a greenish coloring of your swimming pool water. The easiest way to avoid green algae blooms is by using a professional swimming pool maintenance company, like Crown Pools! If your’re managing your swimming pool care, continue reading and we’ll discuss some of the information you should know to avoid swimming pool downtime caused by green algae.

how to prevent and elminate green algae

To kill green algae, you need to use Chlorine-based swimming pool “shock”. Shock is a granular form of highly concentrated chlorine, which quickly raises the chlorine level of the swimming pool water, killing off all of the algae. Pro Tip: Ask us about Pool Ionization systems which can keep algae away permanently.

Expedite The Removal of your Algae Bloom

  1. Brush the walls and floor of your swimming pool, loosening the algae and exposing more of it to the Shock
  2. Ensure that your pH level is between 7.2 – 7.6
  3. If your swimming pool does not show considerable improvement after 24 hours, consider another “shock” treatment
  4. Dead algae appears white or a grayish color. When you cannot see any green or greenish tint in your swimming pool, vacuum thoroughly.
  5. Clean or “back wash” your filter, to ensure that you don’t leave any dead algae trapped inside the filter. If you skip this step, your risk of another algae bloom increases!
  6. Test and balance all of your swimming pool chemicals. If you would rather be 100% sure, call your local swimming pool professional and we’ll come out to help ensure your pool is balanced.
  7. Ask a swimming pool professional about Algaecides and Phosphates, which can help prevent future algae blooms.

From full-service swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to individual service calls, the technicians at Crown Pools provide the highest level of professionalism and quality swimming pool care in Florida. Whether we handle your entire swimming pool maintenance program or only cleaning/chemicals, we offer free delivery — always on time and at competitive prices. If you’re looking for a swimming pool company in Jacksonville, look no further than Crown Pools, Inc. – See more at: Swimming Pool Maintenance