3 Tips to Avoid Green Hair From

3 Tips to Avoid Green Hair From Swimming PLUS The Remedy!

Summer is here and the swim suits have come out to play, but some of our friends won’t swim to escape the heat. The thought of getting out of the pool with hair that looks similar to seaweed is too big of a discouragement. And while some wouldn’t mind a free hair color change, those of us that would are looking for a way around such a follicle falter.  Continue reading to lean how to avoid green hair tint from Chlorine and get into that pool!

According to Lesley Kennedy at TODAY News “Jenny Balding, senior stylist at New York’s Cutler Salon and Redken’s grooming and styling expert, says hard metals found in pool water — copper, iron and manganese — are oxidized by the chlorine, and then bond to hair, causing that greenish tint.” This can be cause for distress to those of us with light hair and a passion for splashing in the pool.

How To Avoid This Follicle Falter

The best prevention methods we have found include:

  1. Rinsing your head pre-swim to prevent as much of the metal menace from entering your luscious locks in the first place.
  2. If you still find yourself unsure you can apply conditioner before you take a dip as it will provide a barrier to protect you.
  3. You could also go more literal and wear a swim cap!  If the water can’t touch your hair in the first place it can’t change the color, seems pretty obvious.

My Hair is Already Green… HELP!

However, what if you missed this summer tip post and already turned your goldilocks into hanging moss? That can be potentially remedied using a very common condiment off your burgers and dogs, ketchup. Yup, the acid in things like vinegar, lemon juice and ketchup can cause a chemical reaction that will pull the green right out of your head. So don’t pull your hair out just yet, there’s plenty of ways around swamp head so you can enjoy swimming the summer days away.

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