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Florida Swimming Pool Builders – How Long Will It Take To Build?

How Long Will It Take To Build My Custom Swimming Pool?

Okay, you’ve found the best swimming pool builder and your first question is “How long will it take to build my custom swimming pool?” This is one of our most common questions, and also one of the most important considerations for timing your decision to hire a swimming pool builder. This is a very exciting time for your family and you’re ready to start enjoying your new dream swimming pool! As a swimming pool builder in Florida we are fairly immune to seasonal and geographic location factors. In this article we’ll be discussing some of the factors that can affect the duration of your swimming pool construction project.

Weather Affects Swimming Pool Construction

Without question, weather is the primary factor affecting the completion dates of custom in-ground swimming pool construction projects. When it rains, the construction process is either completely stalled or significantly delayed. Even if you live in the Southeastern United States, temperature changes can have an impact on your project timeline.

Florida Swimming Pool Construction Permits

Pool construction permits (permitting) is another factor where an experienced pool contractor can have a big impact on your project’s timeline. Your pool contractor will discuss expected timelines for permitting, as they are unique to each area. Permitting timeframes change throughout the year. Finding and choosing an experienced, local pool builder is important as they can help move through the permitting process swiftly, and also have knowledge about any permitting requirements that are unique to your particular area.

New Pool Site Selection

The location of your pool can be a factor in the timeline of your custom swimming pool project. If the terrain is difficult to traverse or if it is difficult to access to the site, your project timeline will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Swimming Pool, Deck, Patio and Water Feature Design

Your swimming pool, patio/deck, water feature, summer kitchen and landscaping design choices will affect your project timeline. Custom detailed tile work, special order finishes or pavers, and additional enhancements that bring your dream backyard to life also play a role in the duration of your project. Getting the details right the first time is extremely important, and we have a great team ready to produce a 3D Model of your project using actual site photography.

Parting Thoughts

Each custom pool requires detailed planning and design – just as a homebuilder cannot estimate the length of time it will take to build a home before reviewing detailed plans, you should never accept a time estimate before working through the design and planning process. Always remember – the most important thing to consider is to hire an experienced, qualified pool builder. You should be able to see examples and read customer testimonials from their previous work. When you choose the right pool builder in Jacksonville Florida, you and your family will have an amazing new backyard to enjoy for a lifetime.