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Waterpark Pool Construction – Shark Tooth Cove – Jekyll Island

Waterpark Pool Construction Company

Summer Waves Water Park Pool Construction You can get a lot done if you start at 3 in the morning! Here is a time lapse video of a kids water park pool foundation we built at Summer Waves in Jekyll Island, GA. This is what pouring and shaping almost 380 cubic yards of concrete looks like if you do it in under 2 minutes. Their newest attraction, Shark Tooth Cove, Read more

Brad Correia, President of Crown Pools – Interview by CL Industries

Expert Interview - Brad Correia of Crown Pools

Crown Pools was recently featured in the “Craftsman Series” on the CL Industries website. Read the full text below or view the original post here. Brad Correia, President of Crown Pools, started his career in the pool industry maintaining pools of all shapes and sizes. Seeing the good, bad, and the ugly in the pool industry helped guide him to take pride in his work. His passion translated to becoming Read more

How To Choose a Swimming Pool Design

How to Choose a swimming pool design

Choosing The Best Swimming Pool Design For Your Home A swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make, not only from a home value standpoint but also your quality of life. Swimming pools in Jacksonville are even more important when the summer sun is relentlessly shining down upon you – there’s no better way to escape the heat than a quick splash directly into the deep end. Read more

Sunstone Pearl Finish – Golden Pearl


Gorgeous pool finish in Golden Pearl Check out the stunning Golden Pearl pool finish in the video above! Call us at 904.858.4300 or submit an information request form here.

Crown Pools featured on CL Industries – Commercial Pools

Commercial Pool Maintenance by Crown Pools

Raising the Bar: Commercial Pool Construction and Renovation in North Florida See original post on CL Industries Our very own Brad Correia, president of Crown Pools talks about how he got started and why Crown Pools quickly became North Florida’s leading Commercial Swimming Pool construction and maintenance company. Commercial Swimming Pool Maintenance By choosing high quality pebble finishes from CL Industries, our commercial pools and amenity pools retain their beautiful, Read more

Maintaining Your Pool During A Jacksonville Winter

swimming pool care Jacksonville Florida

As any swimming pool owner in Florida knows, swimming fun does not have to end when the cooler months begin. Especially if your swimming pool is heated year round, living in a warmer climate will grant you the enjoyment of using your Florida swimming pool whenever you would like. Even with this being the case it is a common yet costly mistake for a Florida pool owner to think there Read more

Featured Commercial Swimming Pool – Aqua Apartments

Florida Apartment Swimming Pool Construction Company

Custom Commercial Pool by Crown Pools This resort-inspired custom commercial swimming pool for Aqua Apartments features high-end pool deck materials, custom water features, shaded lounge areas and lush landscaping. With a swimming pool like this you HAVE to live at Aqua Apartments! Send us a message to find out more about our commercial swimming pool design, construction and monthly maintenance services or call us at (904) 858-4300.

3 Tips to Avoid Green Hair From Swimming PLUS The Remedy!

How to avoid green hair from swimming pool chlorine

Summer is here and the swim suits have come out to play, but some of our friends won’t swim to escape the heat. The thought of getting out of the pool with hair that looks similar to seaweed is too big of a discouragement. And while some wouldn’t mind a free hair color change, those of us that would are looking for a way around such a follicle falter.  Continue Read more